Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering FAQs

Learn more about getting plugged in as a Check-In Coach or Content Creator.
What is Lesson Check-In?

Lesson Check-In is an initiative to connect middle and high school students with undergraduate and graduate volunteers, who can motivate students to keep up with their distance learning tasks and achieve their personal goals. Volunteers may assist students with assignment tracking, character development, classroom advocacy, and homework, as needed. We have also partnered with reIMAGINED to offer art programs to students and volunteers, as a creative outlet during quarantine. We hope to provide engaging, academic content in the near future.

How can I volunteer?

We allow volunteers to participate as Check-In Coaches or Content Creators. A Check-In Coach is an undergraduate or graduate student, who is responsible for contacting a middle or high school student weekly to support the student’s academic and social progress. A Content Creator works with the Lesson Check-In team to develop our art programming or create helpful academic content (social media videos, short lesson plans, etc.). You can apply to participate by completing the form below and submitting the subsequent consent form.

What experience or background is required to volunteer?

Check-In Coaches must currently be pursuing a college or graduate degree at an accredited institution. We will provide training and resources to each coach, after they are paired with a student. To prioritize the safety of students, we require potential Check-In Coaches to complete an online background check before they are permitted to participate in our program. We cannot accept applicants with a crime against a child on their record. Applicants with a felony conviction or violent crime on their record must have a discussion with a Lesson Check-In team member and will only be paired with a student upon parent or guardian consent. No particular experience or background check is required to become a Content Creator. We’re just looking for dope, accurate content created by people who want to serve and uplift students.

How old are participating students?

Lesson Check-In will service students in 6th-12th grade.

What is the time commitment to volunteer?

A Check-In Coach will be encouraged to communicate with their student on a weekly basis for the remainder of the academic year. However, we recognize the unprecedented nature of this time, and we are flexible to changing circumstances. All communication will take place via phone or video chat. No communication is permitted to take place in-person. Check-In Coaches must also join or view an hour-long training, as part of the program. There is no applicable time commitment for Content Creators. They may produce content or host events as frequently or infrequently as desired, based on the needs of the Lesson Check-In team.