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Distance learning is a major adjustment for students and families, especially those who are under-resourced and overworked. Lesson Check-In mobilizes volunteers to support families and motivate children, by providing FREE academic outreach and art programs to all registered students. We're in this together!

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Lesson Check-In is all about the BAG (Bridging Accountability Gaps). Our three pillars further that mission:

Community Building

We pair middle and high school students with college and graduate volunteers, to foster connection and advocacy.

Community Education

We offer programs and events that encourage students to learn and stretch the boundaries of their imaginations.

Community Accountability

We "check-in" with students on a weekly basis and help them keep up with their academic and personal goals.

Parent Patricia
knows the value of education, and wants the best for her student, but her job prevents her from dedicating the time her student needs.

Student Sean
just started high school and needs a little help adjusting. He knows his mom would help but he doesn’t want to overwhelm her.

Coach Candice
is in her junior year of undergrad. Due to COVID, she has extra time on her hands and is looking for volunteer opportunities.

(Shaylin Wallace)

Infusing the Arts

Lesson Check-In works closely with the reIMAGINED project, a multimedia artistic expression of the African diaspora that explores underrepresented cultural narratives and livelihoods through the lens of visual arts.

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